Mexico 2018, Guanajuato

Guanajuato is about 70-80 km away from San Miguel. There are two ways of driving. the longer passes by a town where Mexican revolution started. but this time we didn’t visit it. The road goes up and to tell the truth – it was a scary drive, to many time you have to drive on a very steep edge. But you enter Guanajuato via a perfect side, close to downtown, plenty of spaces to park on the streets. Still I preferred the not so beautiful drive back because it was shorter and not high up on the ridges. This time we didn’t sleep in G., just walked around and came back home to “Life Path”. We wanted to compare both of those magic towns. but it is hard to compare. i thing Guanajuato has more museums, both of them are perfectly colorful and beautiful. G. has more culture expressed on the streets, I would say – much more. But it is amid some hills, an old mining town and not so convenient once you decide to drive out. It is also significantly dirtier. Whereas San Miguel is very clean. The world knows Guanajuato mainly because of its exhumed poor people’s bodies, turned into mummies and placed in a museum, some 110 of them. We don’t enjoy such things, I think it is ridiculous to expose them for peculiar viewing. Only because they were poor and could not pay for their grave site. But there are really good museums, including the birth house of their beloved son Diego Riviera, so we visited this one. Sad as it is – I almost forgot everything I saw there last time, 4 years ago. This time they had an exhibit of some artist, whose name I didn’t write down – he has a peculiar way of creating art:

Guess how it is done and how many dogs do you see in the pic.?
It is not on paper and not on anything- those are planks of stone, nature made but found and a little enhanced by a creative person.
Those are the premises of Guanajuato if you enter it from the longer, scarier but more beautiful road from the North.
Mexicans like to make their life more joyful by bringing color to their neighborhoods.
Guanajuato is a city of permanent celebration, this happens on their main square.
This is the biggest pleasure in Mexico -to see their dances, to hear their music, to get their joy and patriotism. The first thing this girl asked me was”How do you like Mexico” -it says a lot
In their events they include ancestors’ Indian dances – and how those young and strong muscle bodies were jumping around! Almost flying.
It is their pride – the beautiful theater with all the muses on top.
The main square.
I liked this witch more than when they place Santas on similar locations…
One of the smaller squares.
The museum of Don Kichote- we ran out of time to see it this trip.
Escondido Hot Springs – They are in a big park or area, several pools, two ponds and 3 ‘strange’ pools – two of them have roofs, which keeps the warmth of the not so ‘caliente’ water. But they were crowded, it was Sunday after church, lots of Mexican extended families were there with their pick-nicks and all. The open pools were empty or almost empty because it was cool in the air and not so warm in the water. The enclosed pools had warmer water.
One of the ‘strange” pools that has no roof – therefore too cool. But I suggest going there, it is some 10 km from San Miguel and costs 150 pesos per person.
It took us a day to drive back to Queretaro, to return the car there, get on a taxi, reach bus station. get on a bus, reach Mexico city. get on a taxi again, reach our apartment we rented this time in Polanco also through Air B&B. Here are the evening fountains by a mall close by.
I have to show this apt. – it was contemporary, very freshly decorated, 2 bedroom, so comfortable, spacious and quiet, that I didn’t want to leave it :-). The price – $53 with all fees included. Highly recommend!
We rented the apartment in Polanco because we wanted to see how the Museo Soumaya looks at night. And it looks beautiful!
The next day we ordered Uber taxi, reached the airport and flew home. It took us 4 h non stop to Vegas. Then some food shopping in Trader Joes and 3 h driving home. And there is nothing better than home :-)…