Mexico 2018, San Miguel de Allende

It took us several hours to reach San Miguel by car from El Geiser. On the map you see a highway on the East side of Queretaro, you are driving from there and you plan to join it and proceed North. No way…it is a toll road and it is tricky to find a place to get on it. You have to do more research how to get there, which takes time and attention. We ended up driving through the whole million people town of Queretaro and getting onto a highway on the West side of it. It was additional stress and more time on the roads. Then in San Miguel it is not so simple to get on the right road while doing a number of roundabouts. We got lots once even with a GPS. So be careful and very attentive while driving there. We stayed in the very center. That also added the chill of driving on their cobbled streets. We picked a place to stay on a pedestrian street, which meant low noise level. The place is called Life Path -so we assumed there will be people who speak English. they are considered a rehabilitation place and so silence is required. That is what we need! Forget it- nobody speaks a word of English there and silence is required only during the day time while gringo’s (American expatriates) are doing yoga in a nice hall there or if they are meditating, but after they leave- I do not say that it is a party place, but it seemed to me that it was an overnight place for guests to sleep after participating in some party or wedding in this city. Which meant they would come late at night and walk in the room endlessly on stilettos. Happy people. Everything else in “Life Path” was perfect! I even had one class of yoga -meditation, it was good! Highly recommend! And yes, yoga was taught in English.

Here is our picture perfect the street we lived in.
Those are the views from our room. There are 6 rooms total in that ‘rehab.” center.
The kitchen where we were fed with very good breakfasts.
The view from the stairs of the house.
Colorful streets of San Miguel, the colors are not enhanced!
Boy, I like their love for trees! 🙂
Mexicans like such big dolls, those ones are in the market in San Miguel.
And they are patriotic.
More of this wonderful city, so beloved by artists, most of them – gringos. The ones who met – they said they are having such happy lives there! House help always takes some hard labor away and makes you happier, indeed.
It would be hard to choose anything here, too much 🙂
The cutest ! 🙂
Here- I don’t know who is cuter…
Lights and shadows of the architecture.
It was not easy to find a moment when there are no cars in a street…
No money is spared for their weddings. This is how they decorate even the premises of the church for their wedding…
What they lacked in technique, they compensated in their design and colors of clothes.
The symphony of Orange…
It is very popular to have areas for living on roofs, their climate is perfect for it!
Some streets were closed for transportation and it was such a relief! Maybe it is because of Christmas season, maybe for tourists to enjoy.
Their main churches the very center of Downtown at night.
Dolce vita!