About me

Hello dear reader! My name is Nida, and this is my travel blog.


DSCF4140I’ll try to be short, I value your time. I run Amber Inn B&B, because I like people from different corners of the world, I like accommodating them and giving advices how to better use their time while being in Zion ,I like listening to their stories and last of all – I have MBA from the University of Maine – so I have to use it somehow :-). Else -I am into nature and arts, which brings us to my best pastime – reading, attending galleries, practicing yoga, watching Metropolitan in HD operas, hiking and gardening. The nature is so beautiful around us and we meet good artists every November in our canyon for Plein Air event – so good, that they inspired me to start painting, its never too late :-). So now I am really busy now doing watercolor, will go into tempera and oil soon. Here are some of my first tries: