Los Angeles Zoo



L.A. Zoo flamingosL.A. Zoo flamingosL.A. Zoo flamingosRecently we traveled in Central California and visited the L.A. Zoo for the second time. Which means we liked it when we visited first. It is conveniently located in a beautiful landscape, it is not too big and not too small – just exactly right for the ones who have only several hours to spend, and it has a lot to show. The cages and pens are nicely decorated with growing trees and bushes inside so that the animals and birds feel pretty close to their habitat. Sometimes it is even hard to spot an animal, so dense is the growth in some cages. It has a nice Australian section with several goofy faced coalas grazing their beloved eucalyptus leaves as well as some other Australian animals, kangaroos included. Giraffes expose their very long and blue tongues while trying to reach the already unreachable leaves of their trees. Chimpanzees enjoy their lives by a set of waterfalls located on a stony hillside. Lots of sorts of cacti and agava, aloe vera type plants bloom and decorate the slopes by the walks from one isle of cages to another. As most of the zoos it also has a theater where bird shows are held several times a day and they are entertaining. You are always left wondering how can they train those small headed “guys” to do what they are supposed to. The show is topped by the romantic ending while several big parrots of different colors are slowly flying, circling and landing on the bird house from a mountain in front accompanied by the “feather” music from “Forrest Gump”.







L.A.Zoo zebralazoo9.jpg

My advice: I would prefer L.A. Zoo to San Diego Zoo. The latter is much more advertised and therefore its tickets are so expensive. But it seemed to me not as extraordinary. Well, maybe their Safari part is something that L.A. doesn’t have. But to compare zoos of the same ticket price – Denver Zoo seems to be bigger and more interesting, it has the sea lion show, lots of aquariums, etc. But – it is miles away.