2015-Italy – Florence

It took us 1h 40 min by train (9.05e) to get to Florence from Bologna (with changing trains in Pratte). We rented an apartment 10 min from the station, right in the middle of that Egyptian or whatever leather goods street market in front of the big covered Market Hall, several steps from San Lorenzo church. The apartment was a little strange/ it was on the top floor – maybe that was 5th, you enter a little corridor and there is a sofa bed there and a very small kitchen in a nook. Then you climb very steep and narrow stairs and find yourself in a spacious bedroom and the bathroom is also there. So for a person who sleeps downstairsᅡᅠ -it is not very comfortable. But – we managed. the views form the bedroom are outstanding – all the roofs and the domes of two churches, the Duomo including! The adress is Via dell Ariento 7, 39-3473822666, matraina@gmail.com. And immediately went for a walk towards Duomoᅡᅠ -the cathedral:P1010857The Baptistery is under restoration, meaning under cloths, so just the famous doors:P1010860

Duomo is beyond impressive – you can stand in the crowd and look and look at it…P1010864 P1010883 P1010888 P1010894And we walked and walked – the streets are very narrow for the height of buildings by them – so it is not such a very pleasant walk for us, country people at first. But once you get to plazza – a square – there is usually a ‘wow’ sound you want to shout:P1010913 P1010902 P1010873 P1010936 P1010932Lots of buildings in Florence have that specific yellow colors that creates a poetic atmosphere. Nice! So we admired lots of buildings crunching our heads, ate some famous ice cream and famous, but not tasty spaghetti, and reached Santa Croche Church with a statue for Dante in front of it:P1010925 P1010896 P1010911Here is the Uffici gallery: P1010914 P1010931This blog post will be extended soon 🙂