2015-Italy – Florence-2

To make a little break in walking through city and galleries, we took a #7 bus from St. Marcus square where this statue stands to Fiesole:P1020075It is a nice half hour ride up one of the hills that surround Florence. A suburb. The bus stops in an attractive square with two men on horses shaking hands, and the path goes up the hill in a narrow street to the viewpoints towards Firenze:P1020086 P1020079 P1020092 P1020087 P1020099 P1020106 P1020109 P1020111It is a very good place to hike and rest your head from too much art :-)! If we had time – we could have hiked more towards the countryside. also – to a monastery on the other side of town – but as usual – we have too many plans.

There will be more in this post in several days.