2015-Italy – Bologna

Bologna is a comfortably shortᅡᅠ train ride from Padova. Once you get from the station – you walk by some ruins, some square and get the the downtown -which is narrow streets and all covered walks – maybe they have too much sun or rain that they built all those covered walks, or maybe in that way they can have more living space upstairs.ᅡᅠ But it looks somehow different than we are used to:P1010530 P1010551 P1010579The door under the columns to the right -is where we lived – in a very nice one bedroom apartment. It was called Falegnani Suites, Via de Falegnani 16, 3922-646471. The owner was very friendly, she met us in the apartment and we had anything we needed there. The sad partᅡᅠ -we stayed only 2 nights, the apartment was too nice for such a short stay. But it was enough for us to walk around two evenings and one morning.ᅡᅠ The oldest University in Europe was the main point of interest:P1010539 P1010542 P1010544 P1010545And what the students paint nowadays on the walls of one of departments: P1010580Bologna is distinguished not only by the abundance of columns,ᅡᅠ but also by the two big towers, which are so tall that are hard to get into picture. Also – one of them is leaning:IMG_0966 P1010570 P1010572 P1010854Here are some nice squares we wandered through:IMG_0974 P1010556 P1010558


and especially with my father the second eve – when he joined us later in order to make his last trip to his beloved Florence. Bologna was the place we met and continued the journey from there:P1010850 P1010851