2015-Italy – Vicenza

A day and an evening in Verona and on we went – a short train ride to Vicenza – so praised by Rick Steves! Yes, it is a pilgrimage city for architects, I agree with him.ᅡᅠ Vicenza is created by architect Palladio, so it has a very uniform and harmonious look. Lots of beauty, lots. Several museums, but we managed to visit only one. We spent only one night there, so we saw the city in the evening glow and got the impression, but definitely have to come again. We slept in Michelle’s apartment in a convenient location going from the train station to the center. The room was on a very high floor – so the city and the surrounding hills were a fantastic view! It was called on the internet: B&B Venere House, Viale Milano 37, 39338-5653600. The apartment was very large, you couldn’t feel that someone else lived there, the hostess served us breakfast, she spoke English and gave us some advises of what to see.ᅡᅠ So I highly recommend to stay there. The house is seen on the right, the second tallest house:P1010271

And here is what we saw that afternoon and the eve. You enter downtown though this gate:IMG_0483

P1010198This is Park Querini:P1010212 P1010220 P1010222IMG_0531

There are a couple of parks on both sides of the center, there is a river loop, everything that makes a nice city!P1010224Palladio museum and the interesting ceiling fresco:P1010227


P1010229 Piazza Erbeᅡᅠ with the most impressive buildings.P1010230 P1010234 P1010237P1010241 P1010242 P1010246Piazza Signori:P1010249






There are two baby heads in front of art museum in Piazza Matteotti. Across the street there is this very famous Olimpic Theater, which we haven’t seen yet. P1010261P1010263

Teatro Olimpico is in this building:IMG_0516 IMG_0511 And the peculiar chairs in one of the cafes. I wonder – does one feel like sitting in someone’s lap or like being the lap :-).