Glacier NP -4.At Last!

First of all I should say I am ashamed to have not posted for so long…My orchards, peaches, pistachios, etc. swallowed all my time and energy, not speaking that we had a very busy September what concerns guests at our B&B. But I still want to post the pictures of one of the most beautiful parks in USA. And yes, I know my pictures cover a part of the tags on the right. But I want to have them bigger, so that you can enjoy them more.

We were so lucky to see Glacier Park in sunshine. There are some lakes and “full body” rivers on one and the other side of the mountain chain:

The glaciers on tops are melting -therefore lots of streams and waterfalls:

The road to the top of the mountain chain through the pass is called A Road to the Sun! It is pretty narrow and really goes high:

Some visitors are afraid to drive it , so they buy excursions in a special bright colored bus.

WE wanted to wash our car under this shower in the middle of the road, but were on a different lane of the road.

In the upper picture the road is seen on the right – on a little shelf that they were fixing and mending.

Had a chance to step on snow and see a little snow arch – in the center.

Mountain goats were enjoying hiding on the snow…

This is almost the top of the pass. Both pictures – up and down. The road is seen on the upper picture – on the right.

And here is already immediately after the pass:

This happens to be a Northern slope – in the summer heat of 90F when we were – it is still a snow wall.

Leaving Glaciers…