Little Cottonwood Canyon by SLC

Maybe it is not the time to write about summer, but this cold weather front that came upon us these days made me remember “the good days” – actually the end of July day in the Little Cottonwood Canyon by Salt Lake City. The Alta ski resort is in that canyon and while the snow was still not covering the slopes, which was for only 3-4 months, there was a splash of blooming flowers in between luscious forests!





You have to pass Alta going up till you reach dirt road and an entrance to a State Park – there is the flower kingdom, which spends most of the time under snow and the fast skiers. By the height of the signs for skiers you can only imagine how much snow gets dumped into this valley. But in summer the flowers show their best:


And here are some more pics from that canyon, where there are several hikes, some longer, some shorter. We took the shortest one, to the Cecret Lake. It is going through tall pines with meadows around them and then hiking up to the Alpine meadows, no trees and here it is the lake – blueish-green, clear, but no secret :-):



There was also a waterfall on the way – kind of on the side of the way:


At this point I have to explain why the pics are sooooo small. I don’t expect everyone to be so sharp eyed, I myself have a hard time looking into such a size. But life tends to always go towards worse…Why is that? (it is a philosophical question…). The company which created WordPress tends to update and improve its program versions to this one which stopped doing what it is supposed to do. So here I am – stuck with two possibilities that the program permits me to do – not to publish my blogs with pics any more or publish with such small ones. So I chose the second one.

I will search for ways to do something about it, but for even my brilliant minded computerist husband couldn’t figure anything better. So it goes…I wish companies stopped improving programs that are good enough. But maybe in that way they keep their employees on payroll…

Here are some more very tiny glipses at the beautiful and wide and big views we were lucky to see:









On the same trip we had a chance to visit the Bear lake – on the boundary between Utah and Wyoming. This creature by the lake was particularly cute:



What we didn’t like about the lake was that people are so indifferent to their nature…they are driving cars in the lake, in its pristine waters , leaving oils and trash in it. It is painful, I should say.