Interruption – about RyanAir

I can’t abstain from writing about it…My mom came from Lithuania to stay in our B&B and take care of those several guests we have during our trip. And the airline she had tickets with – Lithuanian Airlines – went bankrupt. But Lithuania didn’t care at all about the major airlines that they had. They just stopped flying people from the 16th of January. Just stopped and that was it and told they were not even returning money to their passengers. So we had to buy my Mom another ticket. Because the time was short and for other reasons we bought through two airlines: RyanAir had to take her from Kaunas to London and then Virgin Atlantic from London to Vegas. The interesting part – no airline is now flying directly from Lithuania to London, so RyanAir decided to take advantage. I think is is not only unfair but also very dishonest, disrespectful that they changed their schedule once of a sudden – from 5 pm to 8 am! And just informed passengers. But if you want to change the ticket to the next day because of their schedule change, not because of your personal preference – they charge you double, which is $150 for that! And this is the airline which is advertising itself as the cheapest flier only with the most expensive toilets.

So just have in mind – my advice is never ever book a flight with RyanAir!

So that is why my posts are late, I can’t work on them, I have to work on ticket changes, sorry…