St. George Parade of Homes -2

I am wondering – will I reach some point in my life that I will keep saying that St. George Parade of Homes is boring, nothing of interest there, nothing beautiful, not affordable therefore why to see them. I think I would like to think like that, then I would not loose my time in venues like that. But I still like the Parade! I don’t have any friends to go there together, all of them are not interested. So I go alone, or I take my husband, who has nothing against it (except that he is very busy) and has fun taking pictures. He can deal with such an excursion for one day, and that is good! So here are some homes and the details I liked in them:




Windows like this are very popular in those parade houses – they are made of large pieces of glass glued together with special transparent glue. I bet it holds well…


Most of the houses we visited the first day were built in the area called Ivins and around it. It is by Snow Canyon State park and a huge black lava flow comes from there. Some of the houses are built on that lava flow or at least lava pieces are used to decorate their gardens. It would be strange to live on the lava flow – it has big cavities and it is very sharp for touch. I guess – there are no earthquakes foreseen in the future in this area…


The black hands giving you a towel -what a cozy idea!


This house and its pool are built on the edge of Snow Canyon State Park! What a view! I can’t remember a better one…


The slick rock starts just where the pool ends…You don’t need to drive anywhere for hiking.


This is a very fashionable feature now, I figured. A burning tree! Almost like in Bible, except that there was a bush, not a tree…So that the owner could feel almost like Moses!


Walking in this house I wondered – how many people should make this family and be eager to live together?


There was an incentive – if you buy the house – you get this Rolls Royce free! (well, I am not sure – don’t get too excited, please)


A good idea for lighting the dinner table:


One of the rare modern interiors. I think here they caught good proportions and textures:


So much for today. There will be two more peculiar houses.