St. George Parade of Homes -Bramasole

This time I will describe only one house, which is in Washington area of St. George. It is hard to know who is going to buy and live there, maybe some retired movie star from Southern California… or Mediterranean region… Why from those areas – to be in sync with the old olive trees that are brought and planted all around of the house. Not some young seedlings, but mature 100 years old olives from some vineyard in CA! It is never too much…So here they are:


I am investigating whether they will make it – I guess it is not an easy transfer at this stage of their lives to a rather different climate zone – yes, we have frosts and almost every night of some winters like this year.

The tower on the right is a 3 story library with the reading room on the 3rd floor. There is a balcony from the library-staircase area to check how things are going in the living room.



Here are the views from the balconies facing the yard area:




As I am not a real estate agent, that is about it about Bramasole…

One more picture only because I like flowers so much. A Flower lady was advertising her art and so she had a lot of beautiful arrangements all over the house: