Mexico 2018, Queretaro

We took a bus from Mexico city to Queretaro, some 200 km, $15 pp, it was perfect. No stress driving, just looking , enjoying the views. The bus was the most comfortable I ever sat in, we also got sandwiches and water there. There in the bus stations once you get out you go to a Taxi kiosk, any of them, and buy a ticket. Then find the line where taxis come and wait to be seated in a cab by a uniformed worker. And then settle and dive into the hustle and bustle of the downtown on Queretaro. We have been there 4 years ago, and now it was so nice to walk the same streets and enjoy the places we remember. And the places that have changed towards better. We again stayed in the center, with a good street view but also the street noise. Else. the room in an old fashioned apartment was perfect.

Modern art…Sofas and furniture inside are upside down, it is for those who understand 🙂
This is the Queretaro Museum of Modern Art -looked impressive and big to us, too tired to see what is inside…
Sunset in Queretaro, pleasant eve, but how many cars!
We wanted to eat ceviche- but what a disappointment! The dishes were nice, made from lava rock, the sauce was good, but the shrimps were raw, not marinated at all. I was afraid about bacteria…
New and old together
Another modern art museum in an old monastery.
My colors matched the monastery so well that I dared to place this pic, too.
What a good idea how to use all the metal parts that are gathered in a garage and utilize some empty space in your house!
This is my favorite angel – I have a name for this painting: “And you people elected Trump…”
Some rich artist created a lot of paintings, very realistic ones, and had a contemporary house. Maybe not the only one, because he donated this one to the public as his gallery, a free one. And they call it “socialism”…
Even the graffiti is nice in Queretaro…
It is by a restaurant, but we didn’t eat there because the menu had too many choices and all in Spanish…:-)
Tiled roof, looks good!
The regular Mexican fare, we liked it.
There was some kind of gathering of clowns, but as we do not understand Spanish – no clue what it was about. The thing we noticed is that Mexicans like clowns.
Streets like that in Queretaro…