2016-Death Valley National Park

El Ninjo came to California, not to us. So we looked on the internet – here, Death Valley, the driest place in the US got some rain in autumn! Not some. In fact three roads were damaged by flash floods. So on the 26th of January we drove there to see the blooming, and it was worth it. You can still go – the peak is going to be around mid February. The weather was very pleasant, pretty warm and no wind! We slept one night in a tent, it was cold but not too cold. The best partᅡᅠ -Furnace Creek Lodge has a swimming pool with the water form a natural spring! A warm one – 82F – 28C. So we swam there 3 times! it was perfect. Here is what we saw and enjoyed:DSCN3970Zabriskei Point. DSCN3975On the way to the pool – two impressively old tamarisks. DSCN4038 DSCN4036Or camping place – under this tamarisk. DSCN3979Artist’s point with us photographing it.DSCN3982 DSCN3988

The lowest part of the continent – Bad Waters. Lots of salt and what a pleasure to walk that spacious walk…DSCN4007 DSCN3994And here are the blooms – Desert Gold, with luscious leaves coming from a soil that looks like asphalt-ᅡᅠ isn’t it a miracle? DSCN3999 DSCN4005 DSCN4026

Brown eyed primroses:DSCN4034And some purple flowers: DSCN4035The next morning we swam again. There is their mining history museum right by the pool: DSCN4042Then we hiked in sandy dunes: DSCN4046 DSCN4050 DSCN4060Some more flower son the way back:DSCN4066 DSCN4070 DSCN4075Some of them fill up or follow dry river beds: DSCN4081 DSCN4098WE left Death Valley through the road that leads through Beatty. On the way there is a ghost town with hints to its previous majesty:DSCN4099This house is built from bottles! Their bottoms facing us: DSCN4114 DSCN4125Part of ghost town is decorated by some artists: DSCN4126 DSCN4129 DSCN4132 DSCN4134 DSCN4137 DSCN4144Yeh, it was good!