Thailand 2010 – Chang Mai – the city of temples

Here we are – in the city of temples! You come out of the hotel or guesthouse – and any street you walk in several yards there is a temple. Usually with an old chedi in its garden. And new elaborate ornamental several temples:

Temples have big territories with viharns – or monasteries, surrounded by nice gardens or ponds:

They always have several stray dogs who are brought there or came there from being unwanted:

and definitely roosters with some hens – to bring good luck:

Here is one of the most prominent temples of Old Town – Wat Chedi Luang:

The tower was built by the order of a king in 1411 – “as high as a dove can fly” and then knocked by an earthquake long ago…the big nagas – mythical snakes by the stairs are supposed to control the irrigation waters in rice fields:

Very often temple grounds have a big tree which is considered sacred and wrapped in colorful fabrics with lots of offering under it.

there are lots of shoes by the steps – everyone is supposed to take them off. I never heard of someone not finding his shoes after coming back.

Very often temples have a row of bells – you ring them for good luck, or a row of pots to throw penies into – for good luck , or a row of stone balls to glue golden foil onto – for good luck…

And their Buddhas are usually not starving:

(to be continued)