Thailand 2010 – Koh Chang 3

So what would I advice – where to stay on the island – because it has several towns, several big beaches. No advice. Everyone has to find what fits their needs. Where they feel best. There are big expensive resorts, like big hotels and mostly Russians from the East side of Russia were hording them -they like being in crowds. There are remote areas on the sea with little huts with little or no amenities – those are fro solitude loving people. We live here in Utah in a small town, Lithuanians would call it a village. So we needed to be in more noise, in the center of events going, life booming. But those who want to hear only the sea sounds and have clean environment – there is plenty of that, too, in every town. But my main tip stays strong: never rent a room before you see it!

There are some more pics about the island. This flower is called The Passion of Christ :

It is very popular to have them on windowsills in my country Lithuania. My Mother loves it a lot. I wish they were so luscious on the windowsill slike the ones on the island and everywhere else in Thailand…

Here we ate most of our lunches – in the Warapura Resort:

with this table in front looking so romantic:

I would easily recommend to stay in that resort – it was neat, quiet , lots of flowers and plants, even pineapples growing among the beautiful huts:

Here we used to have a shake from some fruits in the Tree house:

And here we noticed a family of monkeys traveling on electric wires:

and asking for bananas:

Those were lucky monkeys – it was a pleasure to see them! They were not chained or closed in a small cage as we saw some others in North Thailand were…

And we saw beautiful palm fruits, non edible:

Visited Kai Bae – where we planned to stay initially had that sales woman not sent us to Lonely Beach:

saw how they sell gasoline:

and each evening would return home from sunset swimming on this rout (the tide is down):

Bye bye island, I miss you already…

(to be continued)