Susan’s Birthday – March 10th

I guess – every little town has someone. We have Susan Taylor. She simply shines. Not only that she eagerly helps in every Rockville event, but her presence is more than her help. Seeing how people love her I dare say that she lifts the vibrations not only in me. Today – March 10th – was Susan’s Birthday. Here is how her house looked in the morning when we came to congratulate her:


Susan’s daughter Marie organized the most beautiful Birthday party for her I have ever seen. It was in Rockville Community Center and how many people participated?…Sorry, I was so excited that I didn’t count, but my guess is – no less than a hundred… Here is how it looked:




And here is our Susan, alone and with Marie:



And with our outstanding photographer Jim who is reading a poem specially created to Susan (he and his wife Carol are also poets). He was also very excited, he could hardly see what to read:


Though the invitation said “no presents”, Susan got two. Well, she got some more, but the others were not official. Under the experienced direction by Alison a bunch of women created and sewn a fantastic quilt – a very personalized one for it had the pictures of Susan and her friends on top, several of Susan’s best pictures of Zion park, Buddhist monks and Rockville under snow (which rarely happens) and Buddhist prayer flags on the bottom. It emphasized not only Susan’s social talents, but her talents as a photographer as well. I bet she likes the quilt because she is a picture lover and keeps boxes and boxes of them.

So here is the quilt:


And here is the other present:


This fancy man (Agent 007) simply emerged from the box while Susan was unwrapping.

There were lots of cards, but this one requires to be shown separately. It is made of metal and is huge like a sculpture:


This is the most magic moment – and what do you think – she blew all of the 58 candles at once! What a lung capacity!


And here are some of Susan’s friends, sorry, I didn’t take them all…Some pics were blur, too excited to have steady hands…

Alison and Johnny:


Oh, I have to mention – almost all of us has green dots on our noses – to show we belong to “Susan’s gang”:


Delores is embraced by the man who is not her husband – she is the artist of the metal card! Such a delicate and tiny woman and so strong…


Ann Weiler Brown with Trista and Allan:



I can’t mention our wonderful Yoga teacher Ann with the best yoginia’s:



Susan with Sandra, Kim and the legendary La Berta:


With Margot:


And with Fay:


Logan is the journalist and politician – he helped to introduce democracy in Lithuania and other Baltic and previous Soviet Union countries, not an easy task. He even knows some words from each country he has worked and always greets me with “Labas”. On his teeshirts he always has something peculiar. Good that Lenin here has this punk comb on his head – otherwise it wouldn’t be funny to me, having lived through his established regime:


Robert Perkins with Fay (both artists and neighbors as most of the people here):



The end.