San Francisco, day 2

The next morning we drove through the Crookedest street, through the Russian Hill down to Fisherman’s Wharf and stopped at Ghirardelli Square. it was Sunday ant there were plenty of spaces available to park the car for it was not a late morning. Later those spaces disappeared. There were historic ships on that pier, the views were beautiful, no rain, lots of Chinese jewelers selling their creations for good prices by the cable car stop, what else can one wish for. Yes, and SF has skyscrapers, I guess built in special way so that they’d not be knocked by the first strong earthquake…


You can see Alcatraz in the distance. It is on an island, maybe that is why no one has escaped this prison, ever.


Golden Gate bridge from different locations:



After we passed Golden Gate bridge, which was quite an impressive drive, we came to Sausalito on the other side and had lunch in a nice restaurant sitting outside in front of thousands of “parked” yachts:


Then we drove winding roads towards the ocean again and here is what we saw:



And yes, I like plants. No matter how little time I have at the moment – I can’t go indifferently by them…