Italy – 2019 -Rome

It took us almost 3 h by train to reach Rome. Then walked close to half hour to the apartment – it was the closest to the station we could find. Rome is huge. And the apartment was super cute, but as all things in life-ᅡᅠ not ideal – it was on the 5th floor-ᅡᅠ so much climbing after hiking in Rome every day for the whole day… This is the view from our balcony down to the yard, so it was a super quiet apt:Rome-ᅡᅠ we saw the same nice places, walked the same nice walks as the last time and also some new. To tell the truth it didn’t impress that much this time…Maybe you have to stay there longer and not to walk as much :-): This time the Spanish stairs were not in repair, so we could experience their atmosphere and see people enjoying them: A drug store-ᅡᅠ we used to have like that in Lithuania-ᅡᅠ butᅡᅠ greediness of freshly established capitalism destroyed all of them…: Viaᅡᅠ Apia Antica – the old road to Rome where Catholics used to be buried because they were not permitted to be buried in the city in Roman times. It is conveniently located by Ciampino airportᅡᅠ – so after renting a car we hiked a little on this part of Via Apia with its fantastic pine trees: Bishop’s hat – this is how this grave is called: So after that we got onto the highway and drove North, towards Tuscany.