Lithuania 2018, Estates

Last summer I stayed in Lithuania pretty long, like never before. thanks to my good husband who took all the responsibilities of taking care and irrigating our gardens. I guess I stayed too long, because close to the end I fell of a ladder and broke my knee. Consequently I had to extend my stay by 3 more weeks in order to somehow reach home. Though totally for 4 months there was not much use of me in our household…Never ever break your knee, always be aware of that! Never loose concentration and attention!

My misfortune happened in this property at mom’s friend…
But this blog is about estates – so here is one of them. a dilapidated on, close to which my father spent several of his teenage years and where he lived through the horror of war, neighbors killed, etc…In this green field, believe it or not, hemp is growing.
Zypliu estate, not far from Kaunas. Those estates. tat are bought by some rich people, they are usually restored and are used as museums, event venues, concert places and also they usually have a period restaurant.
Flower gardens in front of the main palace are usually arranged in French fashion.
In front of the main palace. THat was one of the two cold days in Lithuania last summer…it was a very hot summer, like never before…
The palace had a good exhibit but the main attraction was the fact that everyone was supposed to pick a had from a big heap of hats and wear it while touring. Here is our friend Egle.
Three mothers and…
…three daughters.
Gelgaudiskio estate, but it was already closed.
This estate is close by the town Babtai.
My parents by the main building.

It is fun to drive around Lithuania and visit those restored estates. I very much recommend! Some of them organize good concerts, if it happens to visit at that time!