2017- Colorado – Crested Butte

Very soon after you pass Peonia laying in its beautiful valley, you enter the mining area of Colorado. After you pass a big coal mine you turn right onto a dirt road. But a well maintained road, recently spread with oil. Ane here you are-ᅡᅠ Colorado mountains:

It is 30 miles to Crested Butte on that road. But at first we turned towards Irvin Lake Campground to secure a place to sleep. Our camp place #20 had this view:What can be more beautiful?So we took pictures of this small lake in the evening, in the morning and sat by it consuming its beauty! But as always in life-ᅡᅠ nothing is for free. That campground had smelly toilets and a lot of mosquitoes! And no running drinking water or any water except the lake. The price – $18 per night. So we didn’t waste our time and drove down to Crested Butte to see the town and the Wildflower festival. This is what our car was showing on the way down, we never saw it before:I will point- almost 200 miles per gallon of gas! Our little Prius-ᅡᅠ we love it! WE saw the town, but we didn’t see the festival :-).ᅡᅠ As there was an abundance of non-wild flowers in town – we didn’t miss it.: As you can see – there was no lack of flowersᅡᅠ and lots of them reminded me of my garden in Lithuania, especially this pink old fashioned flower that my Grandma loved: All in all Crested Butte seemed to me one of the most attractive towns in Colorado. Funny as it s-ᅡᅠ there is a distillery of Rum – the bring sugar canes from somewhere South to this little town crested amid mountains and peaks – and make alcohol, an interesting business venture. And you can sample the rum for free! The other reason I liked Crested Butte most of all -there was a number of peculiar shops, especially this one where Asian antiques were mingling with SteamPunk art: Again – flowers and flowers.ᅡᅠ Also – this town attracted several families form Nepalᅡᅠ -therefore two-or three Nepaleseᅡᅠ restaurants! Here is the Nepalese waitress we liked so much:Whatever was left of the day we wanted to hike a little. So we drove towards where the hikes are. Andrei prepared to find them form the internet.ᅡᅠ CRested Butte is considered a wild flower capital of Colorado, but from our small experience – nothing beats Alta area in Utah in that sense: They likeᅡᅠ signs like this. It sais No Parking Waiting, picking up From Now and Forever…It makes hiking long 🙂 Doesn’t this lake look like is is bending? And the flowers are wilting, for it was a big droughtᅡᅠ then: I love this picture:Then we returned to our campground and started the fire to bake potatoes and Andrei’s sausages:As I couldn’t pick the nicest picture of ‘our” lake-ᅡᅠ I several of them for your judgement-ᅡᅠ in the evening, in the morning:ᅡᅠ ᅡᅠ They looked like little tulips by the lake… And the last pic of CB: