Mexico 2012 – Ruta Puuk

This is a road from the town Oxkutzcab through Kabah -the pyramid to Uxmal A.C. It is narrow, winding, but very beautiful as most of the roads there. I am not sure what Puuk means. but the road is worth driving because of several Archeological sites along it. Those sites are ancient Maya cities with pyramids, palaces and other constructions, claimed from the overgrowing jungle. Those particular sites are nice because there are off the beaten path. Very few tourists and the tickets are cheap. This is the first palace we saw once we walked through a park like forest in Sayil:


The rain god.

This is another example how Yucatan people like to paint – the trees are whitewashed…

This is what they found when they discovered their archeological sites…Then they took those stones. looked how they fit together and restored some of the structures based on the pictures.

The famous Maya arch -made with the same small blocks, no wood or large slabs involved.

The paths or roads between structures are wide and usually white (not brown like this one) – it is a very hot a humid climate. so the builders usually worked at night, the white roads helped. Also – the stones there are usually white, so no choice :-).

You can see clearly the part of the stairs that are restored and the part that is not.

The view from the top. To tell the truth – those stairs once you climbing them – are pretty scary. They have very narrow steps and very tall ones, I wonder how those tiny people managed to walk up and down while I with my long legs had a hard time… 🙁

Then we stopped at X-Lapak and Labna (some 10-20 km appart):

Here are more sites yet to be restored. Interesting how nature claims its lots very fast…

It was already too late or we were too saturated with archeology that we didn’t go into Kabah Arch. site/ but saw the main pyramid from the road and that was enough for that day.