Spring in Rockville

Spring in Rockville is very beautiful. Especially this one, because we didn’t get the late frosts as usual which kill the tree blossoms. But i was a little cooler than usual, so everything started blooming later that usual. Anyway – from March to May it is a very good time to come the Zion NP and hike a lot! The temperatures almost never get to hot, they are in a comfortable range for hiking or working outside. And a spring breeze is cooling you constantly. However, there can be some rather windy parts of days. Also – there may even happen to snow once, as it was two years ago: March 15 th morning looked like this:



This year it snowed on March 16th, but it wasn’t as impressive. But have in mind – those are the only one or second times during winter season that we see snow!

So if you are more into blooms and flowers – come no earlier than the end of March. The same pear tree you just saw under snow looks like this:


And we have sunsets like that:


Closer to the summer those sunsets get less red and impressive, because the sun sets in a different location in regards to the canyon direction. But we still have beautiful views around while evenings set down:


WE have a fairy tale in Lithuania by Biliunas about “Cursed monks” who were punished and turned into stone figures because while going up and reaching for the torch of happines on the top of a mountain – they couldn’t sustain from doubts, fear and curiosity and looked back… The author definitely never visited this area, but I have never seen a mountain which would illustrate the tale better:


And here are some blooms:





Those are peach trees blooming:


The irises come out later, only by the end of May:



And please, don’t miss our sign almost all buried in flowers…



Come and see for yourselves…

The end.