Monthly Archives: December 2007

My New Year resolution for 2008

… is: to start this blog!

Yes, I know, I’m late to this blogging game by at least a couple of years, but better later than never, right?

What finally convinced me to give blogging a try were two books I’ve read recently: “The Corporate Blogging Book” by Debbie Weil, and “Clear Blogging” by Bob Walsh. These books contain a lot of good advice (which I’m hoping to put to good use here). If you don’t have a blog yet, but are thinking about starting one, I highly recommend these two books.

My plans for this blog are modest for now: I’m going to write about once or twice every week or so, on the topics I’m most familiar with: computers, software, running a small business. Of course, I’m going to slip through photos of my cats once in a while, as well :-)

Meanwhile, happy New 2008 Year everybody, let it bring you new happiness, joy, wealth, health, and everything else you wish for yourself!